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Curriculum in our school ambience is not identified with a list of subjects but it includes totality of experiences that a student receives through various activities that go on in the school, in the classroom, library, laboratory, playground etc.

Curriculum in our school is a set of planned activities which are designed to achieve our vision and mission and to support the content given in the textbooks in terms of imparting sound academics & developing the necessary skills.

Our school curriculum aims at using all the teaching – learning opportunities to ensure that learning shifts away from rote knowledge to life outside the school and to help in the overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric.

We believe in a curriculum that connects both the educational curriculum content and the process in order to bring about a holistic development in every student of our school. During the past few years, we have made successful attempts to re-orient the educational content to current development and demands of both society and the different disciplines.

The fact that learning has become a source of burden and stress on children is an evidence of a deep distortion in educational aims and quality. To correct this distortion, Interactive teaching methodologies involving sharing of knowledge & skills between the teacher and student, between student and student like discussion, problem solving, project based learning, seminars etc are followed in our school for we believe that these methodologies could provide an educational environment more conducive to the acquisition of 21st century skills.

Further, having realized the light of changing societal needs and aspirations we have developed a keen focus on certain high demand-driven areas like language education, values education, leadership training and information technology in the curriculum design of our school.

We always absorb new changes, successful plans & strategies from any teaching community in our curriculum to meet the aspirations of the stakeholders. Hence, Curriculum development in our school is not a one shot affair but a continuous and ongoing process.

Co-curricular activities:

While our curriculum facilitates knowledge acquisition in order to face the highly competitive world, our co-curricular activities play a very significant role in removing stress that students undergo and help them stay physically fit and healthy. A robust co curricular programme helps in developing the whole personality and develops their competence and confidence. Our school children have a wide variety of activities to choose from viz., Yoga, Music, Dance, Silambam, Karate, Drawing, Craft, Indoor and Outdoor games etc. Trained teachers in each field have been appointed to help the children. Students learn these with interest and have proved their abilities by participating and winning in competitions at Zonal, District, State and National levels.

Apart from these activities students are involved in various club activities like :

Karuna club – to learn the value of being humane

Red ribbon club – to create awareness on HIV

Literary clubs – for appreciation of language and literature.

Students also get the opportunity to be part of NCC, NSS, Junior Red Cross,NGC,Scouts and Guides and so on.