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About Us

Founded by Shri. T.S. Rajam, the eldest son of Shri. T.V. Sundram Iyengar, the school was established in the year 1964. Shri. S. Ramasamy Iyengar B.A., B.T., a great scholar with mastery over Mathematics , English, Tamil and Sanskrit and a recipient of State and National awards was the Founder Headmaster.

School was functioning at TVS Nagar (the present TVS Matriculation Hr. Sec. School campus) from 1964 - 1980 and shifted to the present premises (Lakshmipuram) in 1981.

Some of the special visitors include President of India Sri V.V. Giri and Union minister of Education Mr. S.B. Chavan.

Our School is a state government - aided school governed by Lakshmi Vidya Sangham.


1964 – 1967 Shri. N. Sundaram
1968 – 1972 Shri. K. Surya Narayanan
1972 – 1982 Shri S. Ramasamy
1982 – 2003 Ms. Shobhana Ramachandhran
2003 - 2015 Col. V. Janakarajan
2015 - Mr. S. Venkatanarayanan

Our School Committee

Mr. R. Srinivasan - Chairman
Mr. S. Venkatanarayanan - Secretary
Ms. Selvi Santosham - Member
Ms. Uma Ramesh - Member
Ms. Mythili Sundararajan - Member
Mr. V. Natarajan - Member
Ms. N. Vidyavathi (Serving HM) - Member
Mr. R.S.Muralidharan - Member
Ms. G. Lakshmi - Member
Mr. S. Mala - Member
Mr. S. Venkatachalam - Member
Mr. N.K. Kaverimanian - Member


1964 – 1980 Shri. S. Ramasamy B.A, B.T
(recipient of State and National awards)
1981 – 1982 Shri. R. Ramasamy M.A. M.Ed.,
1984 – 1998 Shri. P. Ebenezer Christdas M.A., M.Ed.,
(recipient of State award)
1999 – 2004 Shri. N. Ramani M.A., M.Ed.,
2004 - 2014 Shri. H. Kalyanasundaram M.Sc., M.Ed.,
(recipient of State and National awards)
From 2014 Mrs. N. Vidhyavathi M.Sc.,M.Ed., M.Phil.,PGDEA